May 30, 2018

Cynthia & Dewey – a Colorado Private Residence Wedding

Imagine a gorgeous Denver summer day, with a shining sun and a gentle breeze to greet you as you enter a charming and eloquent 80-year old cottage in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood.  The street is lined with old oak trees, many as old as the homes they shade throughout the summer.  Children play along the street, and neighbors wave with a friendly smile as you drive by.  In that charming and perfect venue is where we meet Cynthia & Dewey, an elegant couple who were united on this beautiful Memorial Day weekend.

The backyard of the cottage is a gorgeous green oasis, transformed into the perfect wedding venue for this couple.  On your walk into the backyard you’re greeted by two Chicago Cubs planters with stunning peonies – reminding you of something so important on this wedding day:  You’re witnessing the union of two people who don’t give up.  Two people who push through on the toughest days, who count their losses as learnings, and who keep fighting for their dreams, no matter how long it takes.

Cynthia is stunning in her Rebecca Schoneveld gown and her white Linea Paolo flats.  Her gown epitomizes the day – simple and classic, while also stylish and elegant.

Throughout the afternoon and early evening, guests were treated to the gentle aroma of dried lavender, some of Colorado’s most authentic craft beers, and a touching ceremony uniting two beautiful people together at last.

As you scroll through the photos below, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and I hope they help to paint a picture of this couple and this day.


Cynthia & Dewey:  I feel like I’ve known you both forever.  Your love is the type of love that makes everyone around you feel so bought-in that they feel like they’ve been there since day one, cheering you on.  You are both so perfect for one another, and your love is so special, because you both had to go through so much to find one another.  During her speech, Cynthia mentioned she never believed in soul mates until she meet you, Dewey.  And I think that’s the power of a soul mate – you aren’t supposed to believe until it’s right in front of you and you can’t deny it.  The short time I spent with your family and friends tells me that you are amazing people, who have a community around you that truly believes in you every step of the way, win or lose.   I wish you an eternity of love, health, happiness, prosperity, and years of good Cubs baseball.







Bridal gown: Rebecca Schoneveld, A&Be Bridal, Denver CO.

Brides shoes: Linea Paolo (can be purchased at Nordstrom)

Cake and cupcakes: Buttercream Bakeshop

Catering:  Colorado Pig Rig food truck –

Florals: Designed and arranged by the bride.

Hair: Renee Arnold Hair –  Instagram: @Reneearnoldhair –

Makeup: Makeup by Sameera.   Instagram:  @makeupsammy  –

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