January 6, 2018

Denver Engagement – Sandi & Justin

Alright, I feel like I should prepare you guys for the cuteness overload you’re about toe experience.  No jokes.   Get ready to “awwww” at your screen for the next few minutes.

Sandi & Justin came to me through a previous client of mine – Cassie. And I love Cassie, so I knew I would love Sandi!

These two lovebirds got engaged a little while back and are anxiously planning their Colorado Springs wedding.  We met in Denver for some engagement photos, on what was the coldest day of the year so far at that point.  But they toughed it out with me and we had a complete blast!

Oh and did I mention…. they brought their adorable puppies?!  Awwwww.


We started in Red Rocks and worked our way around a few different areas.  Then we ended up in Matthews/Winters state park, which is a favorite of mine to photograph in!  I love the way the leaves and trees look this time of year – everything is a beautiful golden temperature that is so gorgeous in photos!  And it really epitomizes that Colorado feeling this time of year.


The main thing I want you to take away from this shoot is that my clients are total troopers.  Their toes and fingers must have been half frozen off by the end of the session, and what appear to be cute giggles are actually Sandi’s teeth chattering. And that cute embrace? A life-saving embrace that was the only source of warmth for these two troopers.  Haha, I guess it was actually like 47 degrees, so it wasn’t THAT bad.  But it sure felt cold.  And they braved it like total rock stars.  And the pups?! Total rockstars themselves!  I mean look at these shots of the happy family….

And lets talk about this gorgeous ring!! Absolutely stunning!

My favorite thing about these two is definitely their commitment to family.  Both come from very tight families and that is the core of who they both are.  You can tell just from spending any amount of time with them that they are good people, rooted in a strong sense of family and strong values.   People like that are so hard to find these days, and it’s always such a joy to be around people who are rooted in something important and meaningful.  And these two are definitely that.  You can see how in love they are and how happy they make each other.  How easily the laughter flows and how sweetly he looks at her and does anything to make her smile.  It’s something so special and a true blessing to be able to capture in photographs.


Sandi & Justin,

I can’t wait to be a part of your special day later this year.  You will be an amazing team as husband and wife and you have the support of so many behind you.  Your love is something so genuine and meaningful, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.  Your commitment to each other and to your families is so admirable and significant, and I hope it continues to drive strength into your love.  I love that every time I see you both you have a smile on your face.  And I can’t wait to see those smiles grow even more beautiful as husband and wife.



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