January 1, 2018

Las Vegas Portraits – Bre

Bre was my hair stylist in Vegas for many years, and I absolutely loved my time in the chair with her! We talked about the most fun things, and she was such an interesting person to get to know.  When she reached out about getting photos done, I JUMPED at the chance! With her bright hair and even brighter personality, I just knew we could create something insanely magical together.

Let’s start with her style, which I absolutely LOVE.  The bright hair, the gorgeous colors in her wardrobe, the statement shoes. I mean, COME ON.  How much better does it get?!


Next, let’s talk about the best thing any photographer can ever hear….. “I trust you”.  Hands down.  Any shoot, any style, any subject, whatever…. all we want is you to trust us.  And she gave me her complete trust from the first moment we discussed photos.  I chose the location, which happens to be my favorite spot in all of Las Vegas to shoot. She even came to me with questions about wardrobe choices (because she read the Jennifer Cole Photography Style Guide!! – THANK YOU!!!) and she had a ton of great ideas about what could make the shoot the best possible experience.

Total side note – friends and clients – the best thing in the entire world you can ever do is trust your photographer.  It means so much to us and we wont disappoint you 🙂

The details she chose were amazing.  I love the teal/mint coat …. my favorite color.  And the gorgeous print on those shoes!! Let’s talk about that.  How adorable! So often, people are afraid to get a little edgy and mix it up for photos.  I would advise the exact opposite! A little statement piece can go a long way and do amazing things for the overall photo!


To make things even better, she is just a fun person to be around.  And we have so much in common that it’s like spending an afternoon with your best friend talking about your favorite netflix shows and why you’d be the perfect candidate to solve a real-life murder, since you have 6983408 hours of true-crime-tv-solving-skills on your resume.


And the smoke bombs! I had so much fun – though I must caution you that you will smell like fire the rest of the day lol.   I have never shot with smoke bombs and it was definitely fun! Especially with a plain background, it adds a layer of detail that you don’t normally find on a dry lake bed.


Overall, definitely one of my top shoots in 2017!


Thank you SO much for being you and for going on this adventure with me.  I adore everything about you and I cannot wait to see all of the great things that life throws your way.  You are amazing, in every hair color and in every possible way.   Thank you for trusting me to take these photographs for you and for being such a joy to spend the afternoon with!



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