December 29, 2017

Denver Family Photos – Tasha & Eric

I was SO excited when Tasha said she wanted to make a return appearance for one of my styled shoot events.  You might remember her from my event in August, where she did photos with Brenna and a newly arrived baby Connor.  They were absolutely precious and I was so excited to get her back in front of the camera for Christmas photos.

I am a firm believer that photos are so important to a child and to a healthy childhood.  Growing up with photos of you and your parents and siblings creates a home where you know you are supported, loved and appreciated.  And that is critical to growing up to be a well-balanced adult. 

These two precious kiddos are a stunning blend of their parents best features, and it is going to be so fun to watch them grow up over the coming years.  I think Eric is in for some sleepless nights once Brenna hits 13 or 14 haha.  She is gorgeous and she is going to be a wonderful handful as a teenager!

And Eric and Tasha … where to begin.  I met Tasha SO long ago that I feel like it was another lifetime altogether.  She met Eric a few years later and things just fit so well together, and it has been such a joy to watch.  They compliment each other so well, and their commitment to their children is beyond admirable.  They are the best parents, who love their children and live their entire lives so that their children can be happy and healthy.  And it’s truly an amazing thing to watch!

I cannot wait to photograph this family again in the future and continue to capture their beauty and happiness!


Tasha & Eric,

Thank you so much for spending your afternoon in the chilly Denver weather to capture such beautiful moments.  As your family continues to grow, I hope you know that everyone around you finds so much joy in watching your joy.   

From little Brenna, who seems like she was just born the other day (How is she already four?!?!) to baby Connor, who will undoubtedly grow up to be the biggest Cowboys fan.  Your family is beautiful in every way and you all deserve all of the happiness in the world!



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