December 18, 2017

Denver Family Photos – Natalie, Colin & Jackson

Have you heard the song “Written in the Sand” by Old Dominion? There is a line in it that goes something like “…or we will be reminiscing with each other for the next 40 years…” and that line reminds of me these two so much.  I just know that this is one of those love stories written in the stars that will outlast the test of time and anything else thrown at it.


I have known Natalie and Colin since they were so young (like 19, which feels like 20 decades ago lol).  They are such an amazing match because they’re both genuinely amazing good-hearted people.  And that’s so hard to find these days.   They both smile with their eyes and make everyone around them feel so lucky to be in the room. They both share a love for their baby boy Jackson that is so precious and inspiring.  And they both make you feel like you are welcome to be a part of their family and friendships.  Just good people all around.


Seeing these two blossom into parents and husband and wife has been so much fun.  Baby Jackson is a hilarious little guy who already has his parents’ sense of calm and togetherness.

He doesn’t seem fazed by most things and just seems genuinely content.  At least he did for the few hours I got to hang out with him 🙂   He was also open to the Baby-Selfie, which is mandatory when I am your photographer.   Not but for real, I will take selfies with your babies.

Life goes by so fast and changes so much over the course of a few years, and it’s so important to document those days.

I hope Jackson looks back one day and smiles at how gorgeous his mom was in her red tulle skirt, and how happy his dad looks staring at his mom.  And I hope 30 years from now, we are photographing Jackson with his own babies in tuxedo socks for Christmas 🙂


Natalie & Colin,

You are one of my favorite couples, and now one of my favorite families.  If I had all the money in the world, I would go to Vegas and put it all on you, knowing that you will stand the test of time and anything that is thrown your way.   I hope you continue to be such great people who are welcoming and kind and loving and I cannot wait to see Jackson grow up to have so many of the same qualities.

Thank you for being friends and role models in marriage, and thank you for spending your afternoon with us capturing these memories  🙂





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  1. Kym

    December 20th, 2017 at 4:02 am

    I absolutely love these photos and your beautiful description is right on the money, and brought tears to my eyes! They’re both fantastic people and I get the AMAZING priveledge to snuggle, kiss, rock and play with baby Jack all day everyday during the week. He is my joy and I couldn’t love this family more if they were my own kids.

  2. Jennifer Cole

    December 20th, 2017 at 4:25 am

    Aww so glad you enjoy ! He is the seeetest and cutest little guy – I’m not surprised since his parents are adorable 🙂 enjoy those snuggles !

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