December 6, 2017

Denver Family Photos – Sheena & Jeremy

11 years of marriage and 3 beautiful children, and that’s just the beginning of their sweet long love story.   Sheena & Jeremy are good friends of a good friend, and it was a joy to meet them and work with them during one of my Styled Shoot Denver projects.   They were kind enough to drive up to Denver with their 3 kiddos in tow and join us for an afternoon of family photos.

The first thing that struck me is how stylish everyone looked! From Jeremy, who was dressed in jeans and a nice blue button down, to Sheena in a gorgeous black top and flowy black hair, to the three sweetest and most respectful kids I have met in a long time.  It was clear they made these photos a priority and they dressed well for them, which us photographers LOVE!

The second thing that I noticed was their adorable height difference.  Jeremy is tall and Sheena is a little bit less tall 🙂  As someone who is married to someone a foot taller than her, I have a strong appreciation for height differences.  Actually, I once read an article that the healthiest relationships are those of people with a significant height difference.   No joke, here is the link.

Then I learned more about them and I couldn’t get enough! From sweet baby Damon, who is hours away from being a GQ cover model, to sweet Ava who so cautiously looked after both of her brothers and guided them through the chaotic afternoon, to Jason and his sweet desire to look after his baby brother and enjoy every precious moment with his siblings.  Rarely, and I mean rarely, do we (photographers) find children who get along SO well.  There is always the occasional bickering, the attention hogging, the typical things you see with kids, right?  But with this family, I was smitten to see that the three kids got along so well and so genuinely.


We even managed to sneak off and get some couples photos of Jeremy and Sheena, and once again the Colorado light did not disappoint!  These two are just adorable and their love jumps off the photograph.  I loved watching them try to touch foreheads (you try it with a height difference like that!) and enjoy the afternoon of giggling and smiling with one another.

Hope you enjoy the beauty of this as much as I do!


Sheena & Jeremy,

First and foremost, thank you.  Thank you for being a part of this project and giving up your Saturday to drive to Denver and participate.  Thank you for doing it with a smile the entire time and thank you for starting our afternoon off with such brightness and joy.

Secondly, Jeremy – thank you thank you thank you for finding (and not stepping on) my Iphone X !!!

Thanks to both of you for being such a shining example of parenthood and love and togetherness.  It shows in your photos and I hope it continues to show for decades to come.




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