November 10, 2017

Las Vegas Couple – Mindy & Mason

If you have followed me as a photographer, this couple should look pretty familiar to you!

Mindy & Mason made another appearance in front of my camera in late October, and therefore, are making another blog appearance! All the heart eyes!
My trips back to Las Vegas are critical for my business and also (in my opinion) critical for me personally. Connecting with friends and familiar places keeps me grounded and reminds me of how important those connections are. This trip was no different.

After the events of 1 October at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, everyone reacted and coped differently. For me, likes many, I just wanted to be home. I wanted to be there, amongst friends, in a place where I could piece things together and make sense of what had happened. So, going back on October 21 was important to me on many levels, even though this trip had been planned months in advance for an anniversary session.

On the morning of October 2, when I woke up and found out about the events that had unfolded in Las Vegas, my thoughts immediately turned to Mindy. Hours before, I had seen her facebook posts with images from the festival, where she as enjoying a night of country music with Mason. Nothing new for them, as they are always out and about doing something. I was so relieved to hear, hours later, that her and Mason were safe and had made it out relatively unscathed physically.

So, when she reached out to me a few days later about photographs while I was back in tow, I jumped at the opportunity. For this session, I felt an opportunity to capture happy moments that were somehow more meaningful than they had been just weeks before. Simple moments that we can look back on when life isn’t so simple.

It has always amazed me how powerful photographs are. That is probably a large reason that I became a photographer and have such a passion for it. The way an image can capture a moment, a feeling, an emotion, etc, is so powerful and makes photographs so important.

Seeing Mindy & Mason always makes me happy. A) I know the images are going to be gorgeous and B) I like spending time with meaningful people. I like hearing stories and talking about life and just being around people who have something to contribute – which both of these people do.

As we spent the hour walking around the Clark County Wetlands Nature Preserve (have you been, Las Vegas locals? If not, go!) we talked about many things. Life in general, work, how I was adjusting to life in Denver, and inevitably the events of 1 October in Las Vegas. Their story is not mine to tell, so I won’t. But, I I’ll tell you that it made me think about the importance of the daily happy moments and capturing those.

And let me explain what I mean by that. As photographers, we often capture “the best moment” or “the best day” or “the most memorable day” of your life. Your wedding, elopement, senior photos, newborn photos, family photos, etc. And those are very memorable and important moments. But the every day photos are just as important. The “just because” photos and the walking-around-town photos. The hair and makeup natural with jeans and a t-shirt. The every day. The impromptu photos that serve as reminders that happiness is daily. Hate is powerful, but happiness is consistent and therefore more powerful.
The photos are beautiful, no doubt. They are beautiful people and it shine through any photograph. But, what I hope you see in these photos is a collection of happy moments that are more powerful and important that any of life’s complicated moments.


Mindy & Mason,

Thank you so much for continuing to trust me to photograph your beautiful love.  The way you two love each other is an inspiration to so many, and I mean it when I say you are two people that I root for every day.  In every possible way.  I hope you have decades after decades of happiness and love and joy, because you both deserve it.



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