November 6, 2017

Las Vegas Senior Photos – Camille

This was, by far, one of my favorite senior shoots for the Class of 2018.
I met Camille through a past client, who I also absolutely adored. Client referrals are the best, because you usually end up getting a client who knows what to expect and is excited to work with you. As a photographer, those two things are necessary for us to create something beautiful.

I met Camille at a my usual meet-up spot and we drove into a tiny little location outside of Red Rocks in Las Vegas. A lot of people go into Red Rocks itself for photos, but I prefer to shoot just outside of the park, where permits are not required and you have more freedom to move around, explore, and find beautiful unique spots.

This particular spot was a perfect compliment to Camille’s gorgeous outfits. And what is the one thing you know about me as a photographer? I get REALLY excited to see what people wear for their photos. Like, too excited.

Her outfits were totally on point. The first outfit matched the location perfect, with the fall colors and the leaves turning a gorgeous yellow/orange. Oh and PS, I am loving how dominant of a color yellow is becoming in the fashion world.

The jean jacket – yes please! I will have to run out and find myself one asap!


Shooting with Camille was an absolute joy because she is so down to earth, friendly and sweet. I have said it so many times, but I really mean it – I got the BEST seniors for the Class of 2018. Hands down, the best. I was so impressed with her kindness and her excitement about her future.

I loved hearing about ho her sister helped with the makeup and how she went about deciding on her outfit choices, even though her mom wasn’t a huge fan of the shirt she chose.  That made me laugh because I think everyone has been through the exact same scenario 🙂

Oh and – check out that winged eyeliner. I love how classic this looked on her! And what was even cuter was how the winged eyeliner is something her grandmother loves on her because it reminds her of how she did her on eyeliner growing up. Aww, all the heart eyes, amiright?

Next, her second outfit. Cue my obnoxious excitement about clothing. Again. Guys, check out this too-cute-for-words leather jacket. I am all about leather jackets right now, and I loved the way she styled this outfit with the plaid dress and heels. Can you even remember the last time plaid looked this good on anyone?!

I firmly believe that people who are beautiful on the inside are the easiest to photograph, and that shows win every one of these images.

Thank you again, Camille, and I am SO excited to watch you continue to progress into a gorgeous and talented young lady!



You, my dear, are a shining light.  And everyone around you knows it.  Never lose your smile, your beauty, your inner light and your warm heart.  You are going to be an unstoppable force in the world, and I cannot wait to tell the world some day that I had the honor of taking your senior photos.


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