September 20, 2017

Denver Senior Photos – Garrett

One of the most exciting photo shoots you can ever be on is one involving adventure.  Sure, a romantic photo shoot in an open field with little variety is also good, really good.  There are many advantages to those types of shoots.  But for me, as a photographer, I feel that I produce my best work while on an adventure.

Garrett definitely provided an adventure.  We met up at Castlewood Canyon State Park, just south of Denver to do his senior photos.  The park is a place that he and his family have been to frequently for hiking and other outdoor activities, so he was the perfect guide to show us some hidden spots.

My favorite part of senior sessions (which you guys already know if you’ve followed me for long!) is style.  I love seeing what my seniors choose to wear and how they choose to coordinate their outfits.  Garrett came prepared with different outfits and a few options, which was fantastic.  We started out shoot in a classic blue suit with a white and blue button-down.  The combination was perfect against the rugged background, and I LOVE the result!




After this, Garrett changed into his casual outfit and we went exploring.  He wandered along some cliffs, climbed up some rocks and hung off the side of some massive boulders with his guitar.   All the while, I clambered behind, just trying not to trip and give myself away as the clumsy and uncoordinated photographer that I am.


I am LOVING the results here.  I know I say that a lot, but it’s really because I have the best clients.   I love how willing he was to take a risk and go for something different.



Garrett plays guitar exceptionally well.  Actually, there isn’t much that I imagine he doesn’t do too well.  He excels academically, will have his pick of the college litter, and plays Varsity tennis. On top of that, he was super polite and very friendly.    He was an absolute joy to be around and the time flew by!



What do you guys think? Leave some love below or send me a message directly and let me know how much you love this session and the unique location!

And High School Juniors – keep these ideas in mind!  It will be your turn so very soon!



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