September 7, 2017

Denver Senior Photos – Alyssa

I love a genuine, happy, down to earth person.  As photographers, we look for people who can one alive in our images.  I have found that people who are genuine, even if they are shy or reserved, are the most likely to make the images “pop”.

Alyssa is the perfect example.  You can see her smile in her eyes, and I love that.  You may recognize her from the senior blog post earlier this week about Maddy.  She was Maddy’s best friend choice for her last 30 minutes, and so of course, Maddy was her choice.  So in a matter of weeks, I got to shoot both girls twice! Super blessed is all I can say.


Alyssa and I agreed on a park in the Denver Tech Center for her photos.  I showed up early and wandered around, completely IN LOVE with this location. Beautiful trees, the lighting (oh my gosh, photographers you feel me!) the beautiful lake and the ample opportunities to get great shots of this gorgeous girl.

Well, she arrived with her mom and Maddy and we couldn’t find each other. I was at the tennis courts and she was like “there are no tennis courts”.  Wait, what? Haha.  Come to find out, I was in the wrong spot.    So, I hopped in the Jeep and drove across the street.

The spot we met at was equally gorgeous, but couldn’t hold a candle to how beautiful Alyssa looked!  She had this perfect cat-eye makeup (I’m 30 and my cat eye attempt looks like someone gave me a black eye) and the most gorgeous outfits!


We shot some amazing photos in this little park.  There were great trees and a beautiful little garden and a great playground (I’ll get back to that).

Then, we decided to venture across the street, to the park I was originally at.  And we wandered around that park and got some amazing photos as well.  The light started to go down and the photos JUST got better.  A deer walked behind her, a few hundred yards away, and we made tons of friends with the local dogs being walked on the trails.


Then after that, since we all drove over together, we hopped back in the Jeep and went back to the original park.  Where, like any normal human would, we decided we needed to play on the playground.  On the little turtle, the slide, the choo-choo train, all of it.  All of this made for beautiful photos and a great evening.


Oh and! They did all of this on their way to the first school dance of the year! Multi-tasking, I love it.

I had so much fun with this session, and it is one of my fav’s of the year in terms of quality and overall look.  Her outfit choices were on point and everything pieced together so well to create gorgeous images for a gorgeous and wonderful girl! Can’t wait to see what your senior year has in store for you, Alyssa!




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