July 19, 2017

Cassie & Ellie

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If you have followed me for any amount of time, you probably know that my dog is my best friend. She has been by my side for 10 ½ years and I can’t imagine a better sidekick in life.
Somewhere in my photography career, I started doing photos of these 4-legged companions with their humans, and it was such a natural fit. As a dog lover myself, it always makes me so happy to include dogs in my photo sessions, whether they be families, engagements, senior sessions or anything else.
As of late, I have photographed more and more people putting an emphasis on their bond with their furry family members. Last week, I had the opportunity to photography Cassie and her sweet friend Ellie. Ellie turns 10 this year and it was time for some updated photos to celebrate a decade of friendship!

 These photos are some of my favorites, because Cassie has grown so much as a person during the time she has had Ellie. Personally, I have known Cassie for 7 years. We met right after she got married to her wonderful husband Herbie. In those 7 years, she has changed jobs and progressed professionally, created a strong and beautiful marriage, and had two sweet and precious baby boys. And all the while, Ellie has been there. Ellie has known her through all of it. So often we look at our dogs (or cats, or horses, or fish, or whatever your preference!) and forget that they have sometimes stood by us since day one, through all of the massive life changes that come about.

As I move through my own life and the seasons change, I see the importance of our animals in life. And, since I already whole-heartedly believe in the importance of photographs, I think it’s natural as a photographer for me to see the two things start to align. Our pets are family, whether they are small or large, four legged or otherwise. So, I encourage you to remember these precious family members during your sessions! You won’t regret it ! 



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